Sodalite Origin Stones


Creativity, Communication, Truth, Mental Clarity, Harmony, Inspiration, Encourages Rational Thought, Good for Artists, Musicians, Writers

Sodalite was named for its high sodium content.

5.5 – 6

Royal blue interspersed with streaks of white calcite.

Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Portugal, Romania, Burma, Russia and the US.


Sodalite was discovered in 1811 in Greenland, but did not gain in popularity until a vast deposit of it was discovered in Ontario, Canada in 1891.

Spiritual Attributes

Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone which assists in all issues of communication.  It is a truth stone, and brings this truth into groups and/or relationships.  Sodalite can help end arguments and heal communications issues.  It helps bring about emotional honesty and authenticity.  It is said to increase intelligence and heighten a person’s ability to learn.  Sodalite encourages rational thought, and the verbal expression of feelings.

Sodalite has a harmonizing energy, and it’s said that it can bring inner peace to the bearer.  It’s been recommended that it be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket, and even kept in the busiest rooms of your home to maintain a peaceful flow of energy.

Popular with artists, Sodalite has long been thought to promote inspiration and creativity, making it an ideal companion stone for painters, singers, musicians, sculptors, writers and anyone else working within the artistic arena.  Not only does it inspire creativity, but sodalite is said to be extra lucky for those working with verbal or written expression.