Scolecite Origin Stones


Love, Peacefulness, Mystical, Communication, Spiritual Transformation, Relaxing, Dreams, Calms Mind, Enhances Teamwork

Scolecite is derived from the German “skolezit,” which in turn comes from the Greek “skolex” which means worm.   It gets this name because of scolecite’s reaction to a blow torch flame.

5 – 5.5

Mostly white with some peach/salmon or colorless, less common red or green.

India, Brazil, Iceland and California, US.  However, recently, scolecite has been discovered in many more countries all across the world.


Scolecite was first recognized as a mineral species in 1813 in Germany, and named ten years later.  It generally grows in delicate, needle-like sprays, fibrous or puffy sprays, or even in larger, blade-like crystalline formations.  Scolecite is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric, meaning that it gains an electrical charge through heat and pressure respectively.  Some samples can appear fluorescent yellowish in ultraviolet light.

Spiritual Attributes

Everything about Scolecite seems to say “peace.”  It’s simple yet beautiful appearance is so soothing and calming, and holding the stones is even more powerful.  When overly stressed or anxious, it is recommended that you hold a piece of tumbled or smoothed scolecite for a few minutes until you feel more at ease.  Scolecite can be helpful in bringing energies “down a notch” into something more easy and gentle.  It is so deeply relaxing that it can be used quite effectively as a meditation aid.  Some say that the deep, calming feeling that radiates into you when holding scolecite is spiritual love.

Scolecite is said to open the heart, enhancing the loving energies brought about by a deeply peaceful mind.  This deeply moving love provides the groundwork for spiritual transformation.  With such transformational love energy, Scolecite makes a great gift for lovers to honor their bond, or to a loved one that you adore.

Much has been made about Scolecites ability to “bridge.”  When you think of the way Scolecite looks, with all of its blades or points, imagine that each point is working with its neighbor, and not each acting individually, as indeed this is how scolecite works… it bridges the energies in the stone.  Within our bodies, it links the different energy systems, and is instrumental in helping clear away blockages so the energy signals can move most freely and efficiently.  Continuing in this vein, Scolecite is said to help enhance the spirit of teamwork in an office or setting with groups of people.  It brings the individuals together and helps their ideas and thoughts come together and work together.  Great stone for the office, or the home, or anywhere else where groups of individuals must work together as a team.

About Scolecite and the brain, it can be found on the internet that Scolecite helps support proper serotonin levels in the brain.  I can find no verification of this, but it is interesting that the stone has such a tangible impact on a person’s brain, or mental state at the very least.  As stated previously, the deeply soothing nature of Scolecite’s energies mean that it can help calm the mind, especially when someone is agitated.  If you know ahead of time you are about to go into a stressful situation, pocket a piece of tumbled scolecite to help boost your natural calm and confident being.  Panic attacks can respond well to Scolecite.  In fact, some say that scolecite is so relaxing, it will help lull you to sleep.   If sleeping with your scolecite, be prepared for some lucid dreaming!