Quartz Origin Stones


Healing, Weight Loss, Protection, Manifestation, Dispels Negativity, Amplifies, EMF Defense, Purification, Master Healer

Also known as rock crystal, or clear quartz, the word quartz comes from the German word “quarz.”


Translucent and colorless (other colored varieties of quartz have their own entries under rose quartz, citrine, ametrine, amethyst, and smoky quartz).

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world and is found all over.  It is generally considered that the best specimen of clear quartz come from Brazil, Madagascar, and the US.


In ancient times, rock crystal was believed to be ice that never melted.  The Greek word for crystal, krystallos, means ice.  In Rome, the belief that quartz was permanently frozen ice inspired the Romans to carve spheres or rings out of quartz to give a “cooling” effect during warm months.  Much work was done on colors and prisms, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton and a natural quartz crystal.  He discovered that refracting sunlight through the quartz allowed him to study the colors of the rainbow in great detail.  Also, quartz is piezoelectric and pyroelectric, which means it can turn pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy.  It is used today in all sorts of functions, such as watches, microphones, computer chips and other electronic circuitry.

Spiritual Attributes

Quartz is a master cleaner, said to dispel negativity and clear away any negative energy.  It can purify on a spiritual, mental and physical level.  A great use for a quartz cluster is to place one in the family room or wherever your loved ones spend the most time.  The quartz will help create harmony within the family and protect the home from toxic energy.  Quartz is said to dissipate electromagnetic gunk, radiation and toxic emanations, and it is suggested that you keep quartz near your microwave, computer, television, etc.

You can meditate with your quartz crystal to “program” it with your intention, and the quartz will amplify that intention out into the world.  It is believed that quartz enhances the power of prayer and affirmation.  This amplifying attribute makes quartz an invaluable stone for healers, and those who wish to attract love or prosperity or whatever you program the crystal to do.  If used in conjunction with other stones, it will enhance and strengthen the energies of those minerals as well.  Quartz is supremely beneficial for manifesting and channeling energy.

Considered a Master healer crystal, quartz will amplify healing energies, and help cleanse the etheric body of negativity.  It is said that quartz can aid in stabilizing dizziness or motion sickness, and that it can balance the metabolism, improving exhaustion and assisting with weight loss.