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Protection, EMF Defense, Prosperity, Luck, Mental Clarity, Grounding, Vitality, Business Success, Action, Optimism, Sun Energy, Masculine Issues, Strengthens the Mind

Also known as Fool’s Gold and iron pyrite, the name pyrite derives from the Greek purites, which means “of fire” or “in fire.”  It was not uncommon in ancient Rome to give this name to different types of stones which all shared a characteristic of creating sparks when struck against steel.

6 – 6.5

Pale metallic gold.

Peru, Spain, Italy, South Africa, and the US.


Thanks to pyrite’s ability to create a spark when struck against steel, it was used in the 16th and 17th centuries as a source of ignition in early firearms, especially the wheellock.  In a wheellock, a pyrite crystal was held against a metal file in order to strike the sparks necessary to fire the gun.  In the 1800’s, pyrite found popularity as marcasite jewelry, marcasites of the time being small, faceted pyrite set in silver.  Later, in the 20th century, pyrite was used in Energizer brand lithium batteries, and in crystal radio receivers as a mineral detector.

Spiritual Attributes

Pyrite is a fantastic companion stone.  It boosts optimism and mental clarity, and offers protection from negative energies.  It grants better judgment and assists with academic pursuits and studying.  It strengthens the mind.  Pyrite helps you to better assess what is real and what is a facade.

It is said that pyrite is super grounding and increases vitality and stamina, giving you the energy necessary to complete tasks.  Have some tasks that you need to get done, put a piece of pyrite in your pocket to assist you.  Placing pyrite around your home will energize your surroundings and get rid of stale and stagnant energy.  Pyrite is a stone of action and will, and it will help you see things through to the end.

According to Feng Shui, pyrite is an excellent stone for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance.  Please refer to Feng Shui resources for directions on how best to utilize this stone in the wealth centers of your home or office.  It is a tradtional stone for wealth and good luck, and is especially helpful when  pursuing business endeavors.

Pyrite is a stone that supports male energy and masculinity, and is a stone of sun energy.  It instills in men a feeling of confidence in themselves and their sexuality, and assists in the expression thereof.  In women, pyrite boosts women’s feelings of self-worth and helps women resist any tendencies towards inferiority.