Prehnite Featured


Peacefulness, Emotional Soother, Cooling, EMF Defense

Prehnite was  named for Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn (1733–1785), and lithos for stone (Greek)

6 – 6.5

Prehnite has a gorgeous light green color, sometimes appearing yellowish-green, which seems almost luminous in the light.  There are some occurrences of prehnite which are white, blue and colorless.  Recently, in April of 2000, a rare orange prehnite was discovered in South Africa.

Australia, South Africa, China, US, Canada, Germany, India.


Prehnite was the first mineral to be named after an actual person, that person being Dutch Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, who was the governor of the Cape of Good Hope during the 1700’s.  Prehnite was also the first mineral to be named and identified from South Africa, as later South Africa would become known as an important source for minerals and gems for the entire world.

Spiritual Attributes

Prehnite is a delightful stone.  Just holding it can sooth flared tempers and remind one to slow down and breath.  It is said that it can help clear the mind of mental “junk,” easing worry and settling the restless spirit.  It feels cooling, able to calm the hotter emotions and irritations.  Not only is it beneficial for the person holding it or wearing it, but it can boost a home’s environment in the same way… soothing chaotic energies and getting rid of energetic clutter or stagnant energy.