Peridot Origin Stones


Prosperity, Protection, Peacefulness, Love, Mental Clarity, Renewed Sense of Life, Self Worth

Also known as olivine, in ancient texts this stone was called Chrysolite.   The name is speculated to come from the old French Peritot, first used in.

6.5 – 7

Peridot is known as the only gemstone to appear in only one color, olive green.  The amount of iron inherent in the individual stone determines it’s tint and color depth.

Arizona, Hawaii, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia (Queensland), Brazil (Minas Gerais), Kenya, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Tanzania


Peridot was a gem worn by people in leadership positions.  In previous years, it was indicative of a leader who was wise and fair.  Some historians speculate that the emeralds that Cleopatra wore were actually peridots.  Napoleon commissioned a number of jewelry pieces with peridots, and gave it as a gift to his love, Josephine.    Even today, many bishops still wear rings of peridot and amethyst, intended to represent their purity and morality.

Spiritual Attributes

Stone of Protection (from negativity), Stone of Financial and Spiritual Abundance, Healer’s stone.   Peridot is said to increase prosperity and growth, and it’s color represents wealth and financial success.  It is also said to enhance one’s feelings of worthiness and happiness.  This stone seeks truth and clarity, and is reported to protect the being from negativity, clearing away outside negative influences.  Peridot strengthens one’s sense of life, helping to chase away anxiety and depression.  It is said to strengthen and regenerate, and assists the body in releasing its hold on pain and disrupting energies.   With this boosting of self-worth and the clearing of negativity, peridot effectively helps sooth the heart, and assists in matters of love.  Peridot is also said to calm anger and sooth an over-stimulated nervous system.

In ancient times, it was believed that storing medicines or remedies in peridot vessels made them more potent.   Some attribute this stone with the healing of insect bites.

It has been stated in several sources that Peridot can assist one in quitting smoking.