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Malachite was named for its similarity in appearance to the leaves of the Mallow plant.  In Greek and Latin, it is molochitis lithos, which translates to “mallow-green stone.”

3.5 – 4


Russia, Congo, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, England, France, Israel, and the US (most notably in AZ).

Often found with azurite, chrysocolla, geothite, and calcite.


There is archeological evidence that malachite was mined in Israel as far back as 3,000 years ago, and it is well-known that malachite was used as a green pigment throughout history up until about 1800.  Egyptian history is full of references to malachite, not the least is a mention in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  Both male and female Egyptians used powdered malachite for eye make up, and the stone was used to decorate the grand headdresses of the ancient pharaohs.  (Please note: the powder of malachite is considered toxic in modern day, do not try this at home).

Malachite was, and is, a popular stone for decorative and adornment purposes, as is evidenced by such places as the Malachite Room in the Hermitage in Russia, and many others.

Russian legends ascribes to malachite the power to understand the language of animals.  Other folklore says that malachite has the ability to warn people of impending danger by crumbling into pieces.

Spiritual Attributes

With folklore stating that malachite can warn of impending danger, it is not surprising to find that malachite is considered a stone of protection.  It is said to protect travelers, especially business travel and travel in crowded places.  Meditating with malachite can help alleviate fear of flying.  Some say that malachite not only protects against danger, but helps protect against accidents.  Malachite absorbs negative energies and environmental pollutants, and is particularly useful in clearing out radiation and electromagnetic garbage.  To do this, place your malachite near computers, televisions and microwaves.

Malachite is also a stone of transformation, especially emotional transformation.  It assists you in expressing your feelings and having empathy for other people.  It helps alleviate depression and anxiety, and is said to promote the healing of emotional abuse, especially old abuse suffered and stuffed away in the body since childhood.  It takes out the “I need you” aspect of a relationship and replaces it with a healthy loving relationship, one not based on need.  Malachite assists you in confronting and overcoming fear, and finding the strength within to take emotional risks and break free of unwanted behavioral patterns.

Interestingly, malachite is attributed with many benefits for the female body.  It is said to help regular the menstrual cycle and lessen cramping.  It is sometimes considered a midwifery stone for its reputed easing of childbirth.  It is said that it balances out the hormones, alleviates PMS, and even eases the transition of menopause.

Suffering from nightmares?  Put a piece of malachite under your pillow.

Malachite can be toxic if mishandled.  Please do not put malachite in your mouth, drink or eat food which has been in direct contact with malachite, or in any way apply or breath in of powdered malachite.  Polished malachite is considered safe.