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Love, Healing, Peacefulness, Emotional Health, Mystical & Communication.

Larimar was named for Larissa, the daughter of Miguel Mendez, combined with “Mar,” the Spanish word for the sea.

4.5 – 5

The gorgeous blue tones of the sea, sometimes with aqua green and lines and accents in white. 

Barahona & Dominican Republic.


Though first recorded in 1916 by a Spanish Priest, Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, Larimar wasn’t (re)discovered until 1974. Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling found the stones again near the Bahoruco River, and soon a mine was built upstream. Years later, the area would be riddled with over 2000 vertical shaft mines, surrounded by the lush forests of the Dominican Republic.

In 1986, Larimar made its first appearance at the Tucson International Gem and Mineral show thanks to Robert Woodruff and Ramon Ortiz, who brought it to the US.

Larimar is a type of pectolite, the only pectolite that bears the remarkable blue ocean coloring, which is caused by copper. The name Larimar is a trademarked name, and cannot be applied to any pectolites from anywhere else in the world.

The highest quality Larimar is said to be that with the deepest blue colors and the most pleasing contrasts.  Prolonged sunlight or heat exposure could discolor the stone.

Spiritual Attributes

Larimar is believed to be most useful in opening pathways to communication, and in soothing and calming the emotions. It is said to assist you in speaking your heart, in opening up and being able to communicate what needs to be said, in ways that others can best hear.

Emotionally, Larimar is said to soothe and calm fragmented feelings. It taps into trapped negative emotions, and assists in releasing them, making room for positive. If there is any stored anger, it helps cool the anger down. It creates room for forgiveness, of others as well as self, and as such is said to be a good stone for those suffering from guilt.  It helps to relieve stress and allows you to take life one day at a time. It eases the feeling of needing to be in control of every little thing, and it helps you be in the present moment with peace and gratitude.

Larimar is a stone of feminine energy, of the Goddess, and supports an individual’s feminine connection to the Divine.  Its soft feminine energy brings harmony and forgiveness into stressful or emotionally-difficult situations. It can be very helpful in recovering from panic attacks or phobias. Some even claim that Larimar can help you attract your soul mate.