Lapis Lazuli Featured

Lapis Lazuli

Protection, Career, Manifestation, Truth, Mental Clarity, Higher Mind, Memory, Dignity, Good for Leaders

Lapis is the Latin word for “stone.”

5- 5.5

Deep blue with some specks of white (calcite) and metallic gold (pyrite).

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Burma, India, Italy, Mongolia, US and Canada.

Lapis also contains white calcite, some sodalite, and flecks of metallic gold pyrite.


Lapis has a long and rich history, with beads of the material having been found in burial sites dating back to the neolithic period.  There is evidence that lapis was mined in Afghanistan as far back as 6000 BC, and that the material was exported to ancient Egypt, and later to Greece and Rome.  It is known for a fact that lapis is one of the minerals used to adorn the funeral mask of King Tutankhamun.  Lapis was a favorite stone to the Egyptians, used for creating ornaments such as scarabs and jewelry.  It is said that lapis-carved scarabs were buried with important Egyptians for protection, and Cleopatra even used powdered lapis as a cosmetic.

In fact, lapis was so well-known in ancient times, that the Mesopotamian poem, “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” one of the oldest surviving works of literature dating back to the 17th century BC, mentions lapis a number of times.

Lapis made its way to Europe by the Middle Ages.  Besides ornamentation, lapis was used to create one of the most sought after dyes of the time, a powdered pigment called ultramarine.  Many famous artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, such as Michelangelo and Titian, used powdered lapis in their masterpieces.  Catherine the Great actually decorated her palace with a lapis room, where lapis was used on the walls, the doors, fireplaces, and even mirror frames.

Spiritual Attributes

Lapis is a stone of truth, protection and manifestation.  Meditate with lapis, holding the goal in mind, for manifestation.  It is said that carrying a piece of lapis with you to meetings or auditions or any public venue will attract success and recognition.

Wear lapis or carry it around in your pocket to activate its protective qualities.  It is said that it can block psychic attacks, turning the negative energy back onto its source.

As a truth stone, lapis awakens the higher mind, instilling a desire for knowledge and truth.  Not only does it aid in the process of learning, but is said to help with memory.  It encourages self-awareness and acceptance, lessening repressed anger or uneasiness.  It promotes honesty, dignity and harmony within relationships.

Lapis is all about royalty, dignity and truth.  A great stone for leaders, it is also said to be excellent for lawyers, inventors, writers, psychologists and journalists.