Kunzite Origin Stones


Love, Peacefulness, Sobriety, Emotional Health, Tranquility, Release, Balance

Named for George Frederick Kunz, a famous mineralogist and jeweler, and one of the minerals known as spodumene.

6.5 – 7

Pink to lilac, color caused by traces of manganese.

US, Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hiddenite (green) and Triphane (clear), also spodumenes.


Though spodumene was first recognized in 1800, kunzite itself was discovered in 1902.  It is known to be a source of lithium and is highly pleochroic (varying degrees of color depending on what angle it is viewed from).  The lithium from kunzite (and hiddenite) is used in medicine, electronics and batteries, among other uses.

Spiritual Attributes

Kunzite is a fabulous emotional soother.  It is said to ease the stress and anxiety of daily life, and dissipate negative emotions such as depression, anger and fear.  Its energy helps release the defenses its bearer has set up around the heart, and to make you open to a more unconditional and divine love.  It breaks down the emotional blocks standing in the way of love and gives a greater capacity for joyous relationships.  Kunzite is said to help heal the bearer emotionally when going through heartbreak, separation or grief.  It has been reported that holding a piece of kunzite over the solar plexus can help lessen panic attacks. Kunzite’s ability to smooth stress and anxiety, and to open oneself to love, both help make it a good stone to use for overcoming the clutches of addiction.  It is said to help curb emotional and social spending, and ease the need for overindulgence with alcohol. This stone is said to help smooth stress, especially while driving. Kunzite may fade in direct sunlight.