Hiddenite Origin Stones


Healing, Peacefulness, Protection, Emotional Soother, Forgiveness, EMF Defense, Renewal, Grounding

Named for its discoverer, William Earl Hidden and part of the spodumene family.

6.5 – 7

Pale emerald green or yellowish green, color caused by traces of chromium.

US, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Kunzite (pink) and Triphane (clear to yellow), also spodumenes.


Though spodumene was first recognized in the early 1800’s in Sweden, hiddenite itself wasn’t discovered until 1879 in North Carolina.  It was found by William Earl Hidden, who was actually sent to North Carolina in search of platinum, but who found this little gem instead.  In 1980, a large vein of hiddenite was revealed, exposing 1,500 spodumene crystals.  It is said that hiddenite is the only precious gemstone that cannot be synthesized.  Hiddenite is known to be a source of lithium and is highly pleochroic (varying degrees of color depending on what angle it is viewed from).  The lithium from hiddenite (and kunzite) is used in medicine, electronics and batteries, among other uses.

Spiritual Attributes

Hiddenite is a heart stone, and as such, is reported to be very soothing on the emotions.  It removes the emotional blocks standing in the way of love and gives a greater capacity for joy.  It is said to dissipate negative energy within relationships, and helps mend the hurt between people.  It reminds people of the love and delight they have felt and helps them reconnect to the important people in their lives.

Hiddenite is a calming stone, easing emotional distress and trauma.  It is said to work deeply, healing emotional wounds of the heart, especially in grieving situations.  It grants a sense of hope and renewal, even in the most difficult situations.  It is reported to be helpful in centering and growing spiritually.

Being highly protective, some say hiddenite can repel psychic attacks and dispel negativity.  It is also reported to help cleanse the vicinity of electromagnetic gunk.  It is recommended that hiddenite be worn as a pendant or affixed to your cell phone for maximum environmental protection.

Hiddenite will fade with exposure to sunlight.