Hematite Origin Stones


EMF Defense, Protection, Sobriety, Weight Loss, Grounding, Mental Clarity, Courage, Willpower, Strength

The name of hematite originated with the ancient Greek haimatites lithos, meaning “blood-red stone,” as hematite can be red when it is in powdered form.  (Hematite is not the same thing as Hematine, which is a man-made material sold as magnetic hematite).

5.5 – 6.5

Usually steely or silvery-gray, but can also appear brown to reddish-brown or red.

Germany, England, Canada, China and Brazil.


Archeological studies indicate that hematite was first used over 164,000 years ago by Pinnacle Point man, the name given to ancient Stone Age man living in the vicinity of present day South Africa.  Hematite was used in its powdered form as a chalk for writing and drawing on cave walls.  Traces of hematite have also been found in graveyards from 80,000 years ago.  Continuing hematite’s rich history, hematite chalk mines have been found that are dated from 5,000 BC.

It’s said the ancient Egyptians used hematite to stop bleeding, and included amulets of the mineral in their tombs.  Hematite was refered to as a “blood stone” in the Middle Ages for the red tinge left in water when it was washed during polishing, as if the stone itself bled.  The red powdered form of hematite was used by Native Americans, and folklore indicated that it would make the warriors invincible in battle.  Later, during the 18th and 19th centuries, hematite was used in jewelry, to be worn during mourning.

NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars and roving the surface have found hematite in abundance at two sites on the planet, Terra Meridiani and Aram Chaos.

Spiritual Attributes

Hematite is very grounding and calming, bringing its protective qualities to the person bearing it.  It is a great stone to have with you when you are around lots of other energies, negative or simply chaotic.  Hematite can create a calm mental place that allows its bearer to better focus, improving logical thinking and rational thought.  Because of this, it is said to be a good stone to have on hand when studying, doing mathematics or any other technical type of study.

Hematite is strong, its energy is strength.  It is said that it helps timid people find confidence, that
it boosts self-esteem and strengthens willpower.  Hematite is considered helpful in overcoming compulsions and addictions.  Its reputed ability to enhance willpower and self-control helps its bearers resist overindulgence in food, smoking, drinking, etc.  Hematite helps you find that mistakes are opportunities for growth, and to be gentle with yourself, learn and keep on going.

When using hematite for healing purposes, be aware that sometimes placing hematite directly on the skin can cause inflammation in some people.  Please do not ever place hematite near any inflammation of any sort, as it can worsen it.  Please refer to a professional crystal healer for instructions on how best to use hematite safely.