Heliodor Origin Stones


Protection, Mental Clarity, Strength, Confidence, Optimism, Hope, Drive

The name Heliodor is derived from two greek words “helios” meaning sun, and “doron” which means gift.  This gave heliodor its fame as being a “gift from the sun.”  Heliodor is also sometimes referred to as Golden Beryl.


Golden yellow, greenish-yellow & brilliant yellow.

In the United States, heliodor can be found in Connecticut and Maine.  In the rest of the world, Brazil; Ukraine, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.


Heliodor is also called Golden Beryl.  The first major heliodor find was discovered in Klein Spitzkoppe in Namibia in 1910, in a deposit that normally produced aquamarine.  It is believed that heliodors had been discovered in other areas prior to that, but the find in Namibia was the first to gain worldwide attention.  The world-famous jeweller Lucas von Cranach designed a set of heliodor jewelry for the German Kaiser Wilheim II, which brought heliodor to the attention of the public.  The largest heliodor ever successfully faceted is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and is over 2,000 carats in weight!

Heliodor’s gorgeous coloring comes from traces of iron.  On rare occasions, heliodor can contain the radioactive material, uranium oxide.

Spiritual Attributes

Heliodor has always been associated with the Sun, which is a yang energy, and also associated with the masculine qualities of power, strength, confidence, control, and assertiveness.  Carrying a piece of heliodor can boost your feelings of courage and well-being.  It also makes a great stone to carry about when you are feeling particularly burdened in life, as it brings in the energy of hope and positivity, as well as the determination to go forward.

A stone of mental clarity, meditate with heliodor to assist you in making healthy decisions based on facts and common sense, not emotions or hysteria or fear.  It increases objectivity.  Also called golden beryl, it naturally supports the mental processes, and helps the mind stay sharp and focused.  It is said to be a good study stone, and handy when deep in mentally draining work.

Heliodor has a fantastic energy, full of optimism, hope, and a kind of buoyant joy.  It sooths away crankiness and anxiety, while keeping you positive and energized.  It also boosts enthusiasm for life and a drive to succeed.  It’s a good stone for business owners, entrepreneurs and those who have to be “on” each day.

All beryls, whether they be heliodor or aquamarine or morganite, etc… all beryls are said to be very protective to their bearers.  Beryl has been attributed with the protection from ghosts or spirits, and also works as a shield against other people’s more toxic manipulating energy.  Golden beryl’s happy energy is so strong that it tends to attract like energy to itself, leaving no room for the negativity of any toxic people around it.  This is what makes it such a powerful stone for people who are overcoming addiction, and to survivors of abuse.  Heliodor creates a bubble of protection around the bearer, helping to lessen toxic triggers.

Related to the bubble of protection, heliodor is a fantastic stone for anyone who needs the energy of the sun in their life.  Perhaps they work in an office under fluorescent lighting, or have moved to a far northern latitude, or maybe someone is just a little bit afraid of the dark… Heliodor is like sunlight in a stone, and can bring great comfort.

It is also said that Heliodor is a stone of leadership, of selflessness and charisma.  Though heliodor isn’t directly associated with money, its natural boost to a person’s drive and energy may attract others to your business endeavors, opening many new doors in the area of career and business.