Fluorite Origin Stones


Protection, Mental Clarity, Mystical, Healing, Sobriety, Communication & Peacefulness.

Fluorite gets its name from the Latin word fluo, which means a flow of water. The verb form “to flow” is fluor or fluere.  Originally, fluorite was known as fluorspar, and industrial fluorite is still called fluorspar today.


Fluorite itself is said to be allochromatic, having no color of its own, but rather being colored by impurities and radiation.   Fluorite comes in many colors, from black to clear, blue, green, purple, pink, red, brown, and a gorgeous yellow.  It is not uncommon for the colors to be banded or appear striated. 

China leads the world in fluorite productions, followed by Mexico and South Africa.  However, fluorite is found all over the world, including but not limited to Spain, Mongolia, Russia, Canada, Namibia, Thailand, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Norway, England, Germany and the US.


Fluorite is a fantastic mineral that grows in cubic crystals in a whole wide array of colors, in both visible light and ultraviolet light.  Its earliest uses date back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese.  It sees wide use as an ornamental stone and is a favorite of collectors.  It is too soft to be a semiprecious gemstone, but it is often carved and shaped into beautiful beads and other creations.  Fluorite is often found with other minerals, sometimes galena, sphalerite, barite, quartz, and calcite.

Fluorite wasn’t mined for commercial reasons until 1933.  Industrially, fluorite is used as an important component of smelting, and in some glasses and polymers.   Some synthetically grown transparent fluorite goes into creating lenses for microscopes and telescopes, and in some Canon camera lenses.

The largest single fluorite crystal cube was found in Russia and reportedly measured 2.12 meters in size, weighing 16 tons.

About fluorescence

It is common for some varieties for fluorite to demonstrate fluorescence in ultraviolet light, and it is believed that the word itself comes from fluorite.  In 1852, the word fluorescence was coined by George Gabriel stokes. With the mineral fluorite, the color it fluoresces depending on where that particular specimen of fluorite is from.  Different localities yield different elemental impurities which get included into the fluorite crystals, which in turn yield varying colors of fluorescence.  For example, fluorites from a particular area in England have a bright blue fluorescence, which is said to be caused by europium, one of the rarest elements in the universe.

Read more about how fluorescence works.

Fluorite is also associated with the property of thermoluminescence. where a mineral material releases electromagnetic radiation in the form of light upon being heated.

Spiritual Attributes

Fluorite’s basic properties address a person’s mind and spirit, and the connection between the two. As fluorite nurtures the connection between the thinking mind and the spirit, mental issues or blocks just seem to fall away. It is said to also increase intuition.

Increased focus, better concentration, and improved decision-making are also often credited with Fluorite.  It improves mental clarity and simply put, just makes things easier to process and remember. Because of the increase in focus and concentration, Fluorite is often considered a great stone for meditation. It is said to help people get past the busy part of their minds into a quieter mental space.

Fluorite is said to be a protection stone, useful in safeguarding from psychic attacks as well as physical. Fluorite also has a reputation for filtering negativity out of its surrounding environment. It absorbs and cleanses the energy, both in the surroundings and in a person’s aura. Its cleansing properties make it a popular stone with healers, but also because of these properties, it is most important to keep your fluorite cleaned.

Some people call Fluorite the Genius stone for it’s intellectual benefits. They say that this mineral makes you more open to the benefits and gifts and songs of other crystals. Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colors, read below for the specific color of your stone.


Green Fluorite – Green fluorite is said to work on the heart center, opening a person up to self-love, and the profound healing that brings. It assists in intuition, bringing knowing from the subconscious mind out into the light.  It is said to absorb excess environmental energy, and cleanses out the negative. Great stone for general healing.

Blue Fluorite – Blue Fluorite is said to work on the third eye, and brings about intuitive insights. It calms the mind and protects the emotions. It boosts clear communication, both between the subconscious and conscious mind, and also between people. Blue fluorite resonates with order and clarity, mental calmness and serenity.

Purple Fluorite – Purple fluorite is said to work on the third eye, enhancing intuition and opening a person up to psychic vision. It is said to deepen wisdom and connect a person to a more mystical state. Great stone for when you want to communicate your innermost spirit. Pink fluorite resonates along these lines, but with an added element of healing.

Yellow Fluorite – Yellow fluorite is such a great stone. Yellow is the color of intellectual pursuits. wisdom and creativity. This fluorite brings this mental clarity and deep understanding to intuition. Yellow fluorite is great for group energy, helping keep the energy balanced and assisting in filtering out negativity. It lends a sense of unity and harmony to the group dynamic.  It enhances creativity.

Clear and White Fluorite – Clear fluorite works on the crown chakra, and opens a channel to spirit and strengthens it. It helps remove blockages and clears a person’s spiritual path. It helps a person be in the moment, and protects the psyche from negative attack.