Emerald Origin Stones


Love, Romance, Renewal, Spring, Hope, Healing, Domestic Bliss, Sensitivity, Memory, Faith, Truthfulness, Emotional Balance, Wisdom, Intuition

The word Emerald comes from the Middle English word emeraude, which in turn comes from the Old French word esmeraude.  Both of these no doubt were derived from the Latin esmaralda, which was a variant of the Latin word smaragdus, meaing “green.”


Emerald’s beautiful green color comes from trace amounts of chromium and (or) vanadium.  Generally, an emerald’s color ranges from yellowish-green to a more bluish-green.  Probably the most sought out color is deep, pure green in a medium to dark tone.

Columbia holds the reputation as the world’s greatest emerald producing country, though that honor is shifting in our modern world.  Columbia does indeed produce the largest quantity of emerald, but Zambia is coming up a fast second.  Other African countries such as Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa are also producing.  Historically, emeralds have been pulled from the ground in Europe, Northern Africa, China, India and North America.  Currently, emeralds from North Carolina in the US are considered to rival the Columbian emeralds in size and quality.


Emerald is the green variety of beryl, a mineral family that also includes aquamarine (blue), heliodor (yellow), morganite (pink), bixbite (red) and goshenite (colorless).  Emeralds are known for having many inclusions, and indeed, this is one of the defining characteristics of emeralds.  Some emerald gems in our modern day are treated, or “oiled,” so as to hide such imperfections and improve clarity, but it is required that anyone selling such a treated gem must be up front with this fact to anyone looking to buy.

Emeralds have been around for since the beginning of recorded history.  Historians have dated emerald mining in ancient Egypt to as far back as 2,000BC.  In Egypt, emerald was considered a stone of eternal life and rebirth, and it was mined extensively all along Northern Africa.  Cleopatra favored the emerald, and recently rediscovered emerald mines in Upper Egypt were named Cleopatra’s Mines in honor of her love for the gem.  When the Greeks conquered Egypt, Alexander the Great took control of the valuable mines and the emerald was introduced to Europe.  Eventually emerald became known as the stone of Venus and of love.  There is also lore claiming that the “San Graal,” a mystical gem chalice from which some believe Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, was carved from a single emerald stone and brought down directly from God by the Angels.

The greatest influx of emerald by far would come in the time of Cortez, when the Spanish set foot in Latin America in the 16th century.  Historians believe that the Incans had probably been mining emerald for up to 500 years prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, and they had had a marvelously large emerald the size of an ostrich’s egg which was a deeply-revered symbol of their goddess Umina.  The populace would bring smaller emeralds to their goddess as a favored offering, reuniting her with her children, and in effect, placing the most precious riches of the Inca in a few localized temples.  When Peru fell to the Spaniards, only the large goddess emerald was saved, carefully hidden away by the temple priests, but the rest was packed up in ships and sent back to Spain.  It is said that just to the north, Cortez had packed a wealth of emeralds on his ships after conquering the Aztecs, but that one of the ships was wrecked and lost at sea, along with all of that priceless emerald treasure.  The remains of, what are believed to be, that ship were found in 1992, along with thousands of carats of cut and uncut emeralds.

Those born in the month of May, congratulations, your birthstone is an emerald.  Likewise, emerald is the traditional stone for the zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer.

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Spiritual Attributes

Emerald is the stone of renewal, spring, and love.  The emerald carries with it the energy of the fourth ray, of the pure green ray, the energy of renewal and nature and mother earth and the human heart.  This vibration attracts love into your life, and assists you in letting go of negativity, making room for more positivity in your life.  This positive energy can help in overcoming any energetic blocks or life’s challenges that you might currently be struggling with.  With emerald comes a spiritual renewal, a refreshing of the energetic body.  Emerald is all about emotional balance, and the deep spiritual love that makes that balance possible.

Emerald is considered a powerful stone of unconditional love.  An emerald given with the purest of intentions can strengthen a love relationship between two people, bridging the space between them.  Because of emerald’s soothing and revitalizing effect on the heart and love between two people, emerald can help renew an ongoing relationship, strengthens faithfulness between lovers, and is said to represent domestic bliss.  To attract new love, try wearing a piece of emerald near the heart, tucked out of sight.

Another property associated with emerald is its calming quality.  It is a great mood stabilizer and can help soothe an anxious, agitated or troubled mind.  Expanding on this, emerald is considered a good stone for bringing harmony within a group, or in an office or work environment.  The positive, calming vibrations help a group of people rise above their differences and remove blockages to working together.  A mental tonic, emerald can help the mind tap into a higher wisdom once the positive, understanding energy is flowing.  It is also said to help with memory.

Prophecy and visions are also areas of influence for the emerald.  In ancient days, people believed that the emerald could help a person foretell the future.  It was said to increase mental clarity and intuition, revealing truths both personal and of the world.  It helps unlock the unconscious to bring forward all the knowledge a person already has, but has pushed to the back of their mind.  Sometimes, it is said, the emerald can help open a person up to psychic abilities, and it has long been used to protect against enchantments and cantrips.

Emerald has been associated with youth for over a milennia.  It is said to revitalize the body and keep the inner organs functioning as they did when they were young.  Some have even attributed emerald with helping maintain a youthful appearance.

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