Citrine Origin Stones


Prosperity, Career, Sobriety, Business Success, Abundance, Courage, Optimism, Generosity, Confidence, Merchant’s Stone

Citrine is derived from the Latin citrina, which means “yellow,” and is also the origin of the word citron.


Pale yellow to brown.

Brazil mostly, but some from Madagascar, Russia and the US.


Medieval Celts and Scots used citrine as a protective amulet against many things, including plague, bad skin and evil thoughts.  It was also used to protect against the poisonous bite of the Scotland’s only venomous adder.  The idea of citrine as a success stone may have begun from folklore that put forth how great citrine was for business and commerce enterprises.

Spiritual Attributes

Citrine has a long tradition with wealth, abundance and business success.  It has been dubbed the Merchant’s Stone, as it is said to attract material wealth and prosperity.  Place a piece of citrine in the cash box or till of your business to bring in the money.  If you do not have a business, try putting this mineral in your purse or wallet. Not only does citrine attract abundance, but it helps you make smart decisions about business matters and career enterprises.  This stone is said to assist you in keeping your wealth, as well as manifesting it.  It helps you maintain a healthy relationship to money without it turning into greed or material attachment.  Citrine is said to increase generosity, and allows you to share your good fortune with others.

Even in areas that are not business related, citrine can help bring about success.  It could be education, or family matters, or legal issues where money is involved, keep a piece of citrine on you when dealing with these situations.  It is believed that citrine will also help you make important decisions in a way that is most beneficial.

In the personal realm, citrine is said to boost self-esteem, self-respect and confidence, while dissipating negative energy.  It promotes courage and self-discipline, helping you to get tasks completed.  Citrine is a joyful stone, encouraging optimism and energy.  Citrine is also self-cleaning, one of only two minerals that doesn’t hold a build up of negative energy after prolonged use (the other is kyanite).

Citrine is said to help eliminate self-destructive behaviors and encourages the feeling of hope.  Combined with its self-esteem boosting, it can be a powerful tool to help in the breaking of bad habits and addictions.  Citrine is reported to assist in overcoming emotional traumas that may underlie the self-destructive issues.

Citrine will fade in prolonged sunlight.