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Healing, Love, Prosperity, Calming, Soothing, Forgiveness, Cheerfulness, Good Fortune in Business

Chrysoprase derives from the Greek word chrysos, which means “gold and prasinon, which means “green.”

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Chrysoprase is greenish-yellow or light green.  It gets its color from trace amounts of nickel, which could fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Brazil and the US.

Chrysoprase is a cryptocrystalline mineral, meaning that its crystals are so fine that they cannot be distinguished as individuals under normal magnification.  Agate, carnelian, and onyx are also examples of cryptocrystalline minerals.


Often confused with Imperial jade, chrysoprase was a favorite stone of Alexander the Great.  The ancient Greeks considered chrysoprase to be magical, imparting good health and a happy married life upon its bearers.  In an interesting twist, an old Romanian legends says that the stone grants its bearer the gift of understanding the language of lizards.

Spiritual Attributes

A fantastic healing stone, chrysoprase’s ability to assist healing is magnified if set in silver.  It is said to speed up healing, both with wounds and with illness.  It can be activated by keeping it beside your bed at night, or by keeping a piece in your pocket, though this results in a slow, even healing.  For quicker, more direct work, it is suggested that you hold the stone over the area needing healing (but do not put it on the body itself).

Chrysoprase has a cooling energy, which brings calm and soothes inflamed emotions.  It can assist in ridding the mind of negative thoughts, and it is said it can strengthen friendships by supporting forgiveness and love.  Chrysoprase’s color relates to the heart, opening you to love and gentleness.  It encourages a feeling of cheerfulness.

Chrysoprase is also said to bring good fortune, especially in business.  It is reputed to attract prosperty and success in new enterprises.