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Peacefulness, Love, Creativity, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Communication, Feminine Empowerment, Peace Stone, Singers, Musicians, Performers

Chrysocolla comes from the greek chrysos, meaning “gold” and kolla meaning “glue.”  This is an ancient reference to the name of a material used to soder gold in 300 BC.

2.5 – 3.5


It is often found with azurite, malachite, cuprite, and quartz.  Sometimes it is confused with turquoise due to its coloring.

Israel, Congo, Chile, England, and many places in the US.


Native Americans have long used chrysocolla as a healing stone, using it to sooth emotions and strengthen the body’s natural resistance.  There is a story that Cleopatra carried chrysocolla with her wherever she went, due to a belief that it would calm and soothe violent people.  It was also given credit for lessening anxiety and depression in people forced to stay in one place, such as hermits or monks or even prisoners.  Today’s belief that chrysocolla is a Peace stone is no doubt rooted folklore and legends such as these.

Spiritual Attributes

The ultimate peace stone, chrysocolla is a stone of tranquility, forgiveness, compassion and the strengthening of emotional bonds.  It is believed that it promotes gentleness, and soothes the feelings of nervousness, guilt, anxiety and irritability.  Its calming energies allow truth and inner wisdom to emerge in the bearer, lending serenity when situations are constantly changing.  It helps you keep a cool head during challenging times.

Chrysocolla represents communication and expression.  Its energy shows you the power of your words and actions, and how those words and actions affect those around us.  Chrysocolla is a stone of feminine empowerment, bringing out the wise woman in every woman.  It highlights gentleness and compassion, and eases women through various transitions, whether it be new motherhood or menopause, with wisdom and understanding.

Into music or wish to start learning an instrument?   Chrysocolla makes an fine charm for new musicians or singers.  Its energy of expression gives the aspiring artist confidence to play or sing in front of others.