Celestite Origin Stones Featured


Peacefulness, Creativity, Mystical, Dreams, Calm, Clarity, Harmony, Memory, Communication

Also known as Celestine.  Both celestite and celestine are derived from the Latin word for “of the sky,” caelestis.  It was named by Abraham Werner in 1798.

3- 3.5

Clear, gray, pale blue.

Celestite can be found in the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, China, Spain, Argentina, Morocco, Pakistan, Czech Republic, and Poland.  Specimens from the US and Madagascar are said to be superior, and the gorgeous blue celestite crystals hail from Madagascar.

Spiritual Attributes

Celestite is a popular stone for easing stress and worry, bringing about inner peace and calmness.  It can sharpen mental faculties and promote clarity of ideas.  Some have stated that placing celestite in each room in your house or office can help lighten the mood of a space. Celestite can also help dispel grief or sadness.   It helps neutralize the drive towards self-destruction and promotes a harmonious “soft” energy.  It supports creativity and memory.  Some report that celestite is the most widely used stone for use in communicating with angelic spirits.

Use celestite as a dream stone by keeping it under your pillow, as it will help you retain your memory of your dreams.

Please do not leave your celestite in the sun, as this will discolor it.