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Mental Clarity, Purifying, Amplifying, Creativity, Intuition and Emotional Healing.

The name calcite comes from the Greek word “Chalix,” which means lime.


Calcite is generally clear, but the surrounding elements will very often color it a whole range of colors, including blue, green, red, black, white, golden, and others.

Calcite is found in all parts of the world.


Calcite is found everywhere, in pretty much all parts of the world. Marble and limestone are made up primarily of calcite, and calcite actually makes up a large portion of the Earth’s crust. Marine microorganisms contain calcite, and when they die, then fall to the ocean floor, over time, these calcite shells go into creating limestone. In ancient prehistory, trilobites had eyes with clear calcite lenses. Study of the Phanerozoic Period reveals calcite seas and aragonite seas, seas which were home to a multitude of invertebrate organisms safely protected in calcite shells. Egg shells, coral and pearls also contain forms of calcite.

Article About Calcite & Aragonite

Of all the minerals on earth, calcite probably has the most uses. Powdered calcite is white, and is often used as a pigment, as in white wash and in early paints. Sometimes the powdered form is used in animal feed as a dietary calcium supplement. Because it is soft for a mineral, it is also used as a gentle cleaning abrasive for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Besides its abrasive use, it is being also being used to help remedy issues with soil and concrete. Optical calcite is pure calcite, and has seen use in gun sights and bomb sights in World War ll.

Besides its practical uses, calcite is a phenomenally diverse stone with so many appearances and formations and color, that it never ceases to amaze and delight. The largest ever crystals of calcite measured 7mx7mx2m abd 6mx6mx3m. They were found in Iceland on a farmstead near the Reydarfjord.  Just imagine, giant boulders of Iceland Spar, and weighing in at about 250 tons.

Spiritual Attributes

Calcite, in general, is a powerful amplifier, and is also one of the best stones for cleansing energy. Use chunks of calcite in the home to transform stagnant negative energy into something positive and helpful. Calcite is also beneficial in helping transform personal energy from negative (stress, anxiety, fear, resentment) into something positive (hope, love, light).

Calcite is a stone of wisdom and spirit. It boosts spiritual growth, and is even said to help grow and sharpen intuition.  Because calcite is so grounding and centering, it is used to promote a high-energy inner peace. This high-energy peacefulness that calcite brings is the garden from which creativity blooms and blossoms.

Calcite promotes mental clarity and analysis, boosts recall and heightens academic learning. It is an excellent stone for students and anyone else who is in a formal learning process. Calcite helps develop new ways of thinking about situations, exploring new angles and providing fresh ideas. This flexibility also helps calcite when used in relationships. Calcite is said to encourage forgiveness and reconciliation, bringing people back to center in their relationship.

Types of Calcite

Green Calcite: Green Calcite is said to be an abundance stone, attracting money and success and abundance in all forms. It is a stone of business prosperity and fertility, and is said to be great in the garden. Green Calcite has a manifesting energy, so be careful what you wish for. It will grow and promote all areas of one’s life and home. It will also enhance intuition.

Green calcite will also assist you in being rich in love. It helps transform stagnant, negative environments into something inspired and stable. It also clears out stagnant thoughts and helps usher in mental balance and health, having an added benefit of relieving stress. It is said to assist you when moving outside of your comfort zone, keeping you centered and open to positive potentials.

Blue Calcite: Blue Calcite is an especially calming stone, helpful in easing stressed out emotions, or soothing anxiety and worry. Put Blue calcite in your environment if you need to rest or need take it easy on yourself.  Sometimes just being near the blue calcite can remind us of the need to take care of ourselves. This is especially helpful when needing to heal after an illness or procedure. It is also said to be protective, especially of the home or business.

Blue Calcite helps instill trust in oneself, and inspires clear, calm communication. It is said to be especially beneficial in groups where people have differing points of view. Blue calcite helps people exchange ideas in a calm and positive manner. It is said to enhance memory, and amplify learning, making it a good stone for students. It is also said to enhance intuition and assist in astral projection. Likewise, it encourages vivid, memorable dreams.

Blue Calcite is a happy stone, promoting optimism and assisting us in seeing the perfection that is our lives in its full glory.  It helps guide us to the path where our happiness lives, and helps us stay connected to that happiness.

Dogtooth Calcite: Dogtooth Calcite makes an excellent energy amplifier, and acts to filter environmental energy.  Great stone for meditation, memory, and mental clarity. It smooths out fragmented energy, and assists us in connecting to the spiritual.

Nailhead: The rhombohedral form is sometimes referred to as “nailhead spar

Orange Calcite:  Orange calcite is a wonderful stone of light, vitality and joy. It is like sunshine contained in a mineral.  It energizes and charges a person with positive energy, especially in areas pertaining to creativity, sexuality and personal will. It helps balance the emotions, sweeping through negative emotions and assisting in living life full and limitless. It dispels lethargy and apathy with its positive vitality, and helps get things moving in life.

Orange calcite is said to lend confidence and vital energy, which can be helpful in cases of depression. This stone is said to improve mental health, and helps restores the connection with higher self. This stone reminds you that life is joy, and it encourages us to stop and take a moment to let that in. It’s energy is warm and playful.

Honey Calcite: Honey calcite is reputed to be a fantastic energy amplifier. It is also an excellent boost for mental energy, helping to provide clarity and intellectual ability. It is said to help during life’s challenges, helping to soften stress and allowing one’s higher self more influence.

Black Calcite:
Black is a color of regrouping and potential. It is excellent for new beginnings, or for managing the unexpected in life. Black calcite is said to help get a person through tough situations, both emotional and physical.  It is a stone for hope, for security, for the beacon in the darkness. 

Mangano Calcite: Mangano Calcite is a soft, nurturing stone that offers healing through Universal love, and self-love. It has a gentle, calming energy to it that is said to assists in easing stress, worry and anxiety. Oftentimes, grounding can happen when we stop and take a breath, and renew the feelings of love we have for ourselves and our process. Mangano Calcite helps remind us of this, so that we can use this love to overcome fears and obstacles. It encourages us to take care of ourselves, and to feel taken care of.

Don’t let Mangano Calcite’s gentle energy fool you, it holds a powerful energy, and also helps amplify the energy around it or that is programmed into it.  It puts the mind in a relaxed, receptive state which makes it a good stone to have around when studying.

Red Calcite: Red is a color of energy, vitality and detoxification. Red Calcite is said to increase stamina and vitality.  It boosts courage and assists in overcoming fears, and is soothing during a panic attack, or for those who need helping “coming down” from an intense situation. It bolsters inner strength, and some say it can even attract love.

Yellow Calcite: Yellow Calcite is an intellectual stone, helping a person formulate and organize their thoughts. It boosts self-esteem and energy, heightening a sense of personal power.    

White Calcite: White calcites is said to support healing work by strengthening the mind-body connection. It is energetically cleansing.

Clear Calcite: Clear Calcite is a stone of amplification. It provides mental clarity and insight.  It can help make a person more receptive to Divine communication. It assists in forgiveness.