Aventurine Origin Stones featured


Prosperity, Luck, Love, Creativity, Healing, EMF Defense, Emotional Health

Aventurine gets its name from the Italian a ventura which means “by chance.”  This is in reference to how Aventurine was discovered in the 1700’s.

6.5 – 7

Green, red, blue or gray (the green gets its color from chrome-bearing fuchsite inclusions, and the red gets its color from hematite or goethite).

India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Austria and Tanzania.

Spiritual Attributes

Aventurine is the foremost stone of prosperity.  This stone promotes love, compassion and empathy, while soothing away anger and tension.  It is said this stone gives an all over feeling of well-being.  It is reputed to strengthen the heart, and gives the determination and perseverance to keep going long after you want to stop.  Aventurine is also a powerful luck stone, no matter the color, though green is said to be the strongest in this regards.  It instills in its bearer a sense of positivity and strengthens the sense of self.

Aventurine can also guard against electromagnetic energy and helps protect against environmental pollution.  It is said that taping a piece to your cell phone can protect against the cellular emissions.  It takes the “pollutants” out of your thoughts as well, quieting the mind and allowing for solid grounding.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone of the heart, enhancing cheerfulness and a sense of humor, while calming anxiety.  It supports comfort, compassion and empathy, and strengthens leadership qualities.  It is said to be one of the most powerful luck stones, drawing opportunity and unexpected surprises and love to the bearer.  This stone inspires courage to make decisions from a loving place.  Green aventurine has a strong healing energy, and is believed to calm troubled spirits and balance the emotions.  It is a good stone for teenagers.

Green aventurine is also known as the gambler’s stone, and it is recommended that you always carry a piece of aventurine in your left pocket when buying lottery tickets or playing any other games of chance.

Red Aventurine

Red aventurine has all the attributes of aventurine, plus it boosts creativity and sexuality.  It grants the bearer with a greater vision of what is possible, and supports manifestation through action.  It is a stone of vitality and re-energizing, allowing you to tackle life’s challenges with determination and perseverance.