Apatite Origin Stones


Weight Loss, Release, Communication, Dreams, Mental Clarity, Motivation, Healing, Vitality

Apatite is named from the Greek word apate, meaning “to deceive” or “guile.”  There is a figure in Greek mythology named Apate who was the spirit of deceit and deception.  Apatite received this name because it was so often confused for other minerals.  Most commonly apatite is confused with fluorite and aquamarine.


Apatite occurs in blue, green, clear and in a few rare instances, yellow.

Brazil, Burma, Mexico, Canada, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sri Lanka and the US.


Apatite is a defining mineral on the Moh’s hardness scale, meaning it defines what is of median hardness.  The Moh’s scale measures 1-10, and Apatite falls at 5.  Apatite is also the primary constituent in tooth enamel, so it gives you an idea of how hard your teeth are and what they can withstand and what could hurt them.  It is also a component of bone mineral.  Apatite derived fertilizers are used in the US, and it has been proposed to use apatite in the storage of nuclear waste.  Only the best quality apatites are used as gemstones.

Spiritual Attributes

All colors of apatite are said to aid in the absorption of calcium, thereby helping cartilage, bones and teeth.  Blue, clear and yellow apatite are also reported to help control hunger, suppressing it and boosting metabolism, and encouraging you to take on healthier dietary habits.  It boosts motivation.

Apatite is supposedly excellent at helping you release those energies and/or people who no longer serve your greater good in life.  Hold the apatite while you meditate upon those who you wish to let go.

More specific associations by color are:

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite corresponds to the throat chakra, and therefore is an excellent stone while in groups and to aid in public speaking and any other communication-oriented activities.  It promotes independence and ambition.  Some use blue apatite as a dream stone, using it to help them access their subconscious while in the dream state.

Green Apatite

Green apatite is considered a healing stone, assisting practitioners of crystal healing by clearing the energy field and opening the heart.  It is reported to bring energy back to the listless and boosts overall energy, bringing with it a friendly sociable attitude.  Green apatite contributes to weight control by moderating binge eating and helping balance yo-yo dieting.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow apatite activates the solar plexus chakra, the seat of your personal power.  It helps lift the spirit and focus the mind, enable you to learn and focus better.  It assists in getting rid of old, unhelpful energy or stagnant energy, bringing in vitality and clarity.