Angelite Origin Stones


Peacefulness, Mystical, Brotherhood, Forgiveness, Communication, Soothing, Psychic Ability, Serenity

Also known as Anhydrite, anhydrite is derived from “an” and “hydra” which means “without water.”


Soft blue with occasional traces of white calcite.



Anhydrite itself was discovered in 1794, and named by A.G. Werner in 1804 due to the lack of water crystallization.  If anhydrite gets wet, whether immersed in water or worn as angelite in the shower or pool, the mineral will turn to common gypsum.  So please do not wear or take your angelite into the shower, bath, pool.  The variety of anhydrite known as angelite was found in Peru in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, and has become a favorite stone of the new age.

Spiritual Attributes

Angelite is a stone of peace and brotherhood.  It is said to raise consciousness to a higher awareness.  The stone is said to heighten compassion and encourage an attitude of forgiveness.  It reportedly dispels fear and anger and anxiety, transmuting these negative emotions into faith, tranquility and contentment.  Angelite soothes and brings inner peace.

Angelite is a communication stone, encouraging you to speak your truth.  It can help heal relationships, not just with others, but with yourself.  Its energy helps calm anger, creating room for reconciliation and connection.   It is also said to assist in the connection with your angels or spirit guides, enhance telepathic communication, and even facilitate spirit journeys.

Remember, do not soak your angelite in water!