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Amethyst ClusterAmethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster, M-1023


Amethyst Cluster, M-1023

Weight:  295 grams or 10.4 ounces
Measures:  75mm x 72mm or 3″ x 2 3/4″
Origin:  Uruguay

Keywords:  Sobriety, Weight Loss, Mystical, Protecting, Mental Clarity, Intuition, Calming, Detoxification


The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that amethyst had the power to prevent intoxication, and so would carve their drinking vessels from this stone. They would also stud their drinking vessels with amethyst and wear the stones about their body. An amethyst worn at the navel was considered to have a sobering effect by the ancients.

Amethyst is said to help contain obsessive compulsive disorder and overindulgence, especially in areas of food, tobacco, drugs or alcohol. Amethyst is considered by many in modern times to be the strongest sobriety stone in the world. It helps give strength to individuals struggling with addiction, to help them find freedom from their own bad habits. Amethyst is a famous detoxifier, helping us to clear our bodies and minds even as it helps us reconnect with our spiritual natures.