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Welcome to Origin Stones! Origin Stones is a small mineral boutique that hand-selects the finest stones from gem shows all over the country, and bring those beauties here to you. We also make our own super cool metal sphere stands which are out of this world fantastic! We hope you enjoy your time here in our shop.

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What's New

  • Consolidated two stores into one online shop on the Etsy platform. Etsy has fantastic security, multiple layers of customer protections, wish lists, and an in-shop messaging system so you can message us anytime!
  • Created a dedicated text line for our customers (951) 296-8710 so we can better answer your questions and serve you faster!
  • Installed even more rock cabinets in our storeroom – now we have even more rocks and crystals! Don’t see what you’re looking for online, drop us a text or email and we’ll check our storeroom. We have thousands of stones not yet listed!


Prehistoric Stegodon Beads

We carry Fossilized Stegodon Bone Beads and Fossilized Stegodon Tusk Beads. Stegodons were a sister group to the great Woolly Mammoths that once roamed during the Pliocene and Pleistocene periods. This particular bead material is from Java, and thought to be from about 12,000 BC.

Each strand is unique, and imperfections in the fossil material is normal. Though the beads are round-ish, they can barrel-shaped, and even a bit squished. The number of beads varies by strand, most average between 50-60 beads per. Beads can be as small as 8mm or as large as 14mm.  A strand of bone is $47, and a strand of the tusk is $80.

Tell us what you’re looking for, and we will see if our strands match your needs.

Sphere Stands

Sphere Stands

Presenting Origin Stone’s exclusive line of gorgeous sphere stands, individually crafted by a skilled artisan right here in the USA. Our stands are available in copper, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze to enhance the natural beauty of your stone, while also offering the most stable and protected way to display your spherical treasures.

Our craftsman puts tremendous attention into each and every sphere stand, and when cared for properly, your metal stands can last as long as your stones do. Need an extra large sphere stand? No worries! Just drop us a note to learn about our special ordering process. You can browse our currently available stands here.

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Visit our Mineral Index, our every-growing on-site reference guide to all the fabulous and helpful stones available at Origin Stones.  Though we’ve got a good start on the Origin Stones gem list, we are adding new minerals monthly, so check back often.  If there is a stone you are curious about and you don’t see it listed, feel free to write us at info@originstones.com for more information.
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What Clients Are Saying About Origin Stones

  • Stunning piece! It was shipped immediately and packaged wonderfully! Wonderful seller to work with and such a great quality piece! Thank you!

    Rutilated Quartz
    Rutilated Qtz Review
  • I really love this item, these stones were exactly what I’d expected, and very very BEAUTIFUL. I def will be ordering more! Packaged Adorably. =)

    Dioptase Review
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY – Stunning gem! Seller incredibly helpful too…. One of the best items I have ever owned !!  #RECOMMEND

    Fluorite Review
  • Gorgeous stone, shipped quickly and in great condition. Such a great energy to it, too! Thanks 🙂

    Staurolite Review
  • I knew once I saw it I had to have it. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! And it’s BIG! So pretty, there is almost a landscape scenery in it! (And I thank you for the rose quartz that was stashed in there.) I’ll be back! 🙂

    Polychrome Jasper
    Polychrome Jasper Review
  • A beautiful crystal and great quality. Packaged with care and creativity. Shipping was immediate. A joy all around. Will absolutely purchase my crystals here again.

    Celestite Review
  • These are my first lingams. When I first noticed them in a rock shop long ago I ignored them, oblivious and clueless to their origin and story. Only when I learned of their amazing history, I went back, only to find them gone. So I came to you! And here they are, these beautiful lingams with such magic around them! The small one you gifted me with has the greatest energy of them all!  And one will be for a friend who just got into collecting stones. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! 🙂

    Lingam Review