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We are excited to introduce our new line of elegant metal sphere stands, made exclusively for Origin Stones by Terrapondus Machine Works. Each stand is meticulously crafted and individually made here in the USA. These stands have a distinctive modern appeal, and their clean lines enhance the natural beauty of the stones they support.  Need something larger? Drop us a line at

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Featured stone - QuartzFeatured Stone

Quartz comes in a plethora of varieties and permutations, each more beautiful and dazzling than the rest.  From Rose Quartz to Smoky, Elestial to Rutilated, Amethyst to Citrine… Quartz is one of the most dazzling crystals in the mineral kingdom.  Browse our wide selection of Quartzes, Amethysts and Citrines.

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Mineral IndexMineral Index

Visit our Mineral Index, our every-growing on-site reference guide to all the fabulous and helpful stones available at Origin Stones.  Though we’ve got a good start on the Origin Stones gem list, we are adding new minerals monthly, so check back often.  If there is a stone you are curious about and you don’t see it listed, feel free to write us at for more information.

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Special LingamA Special Lingam

Our Lingam Shop offers a gorgeous selection of authentic lingams from the Narmada River in India, pulled from the river before the Sardar Sarovar Dam flooded the entire region.  We offer both the traditional gray-brown lingams, and also a wide variety of lingam-shaped stones and crystals.  It is said that for every person born, there is a special lingam uniquely meant for that individual.

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Calcite Mental Clarity, Purifying, Amplifying, Creativity, Intuition and Emotional Healing. NameHardnessColorLocation The name calcite comes from the Greek word "Chalix," which means lime. 3 Calcite is generally clear, but the surrounding elements will very often color it a whole range of colors, including blue, green, red, black, white, golden, and others. Calcite is found in…
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Larimar Love, Healing, Peacefulness, Emotional Health, Mystical & Communication. NameHardnessColorLocation Larimar was named for Larissa, the daughter of Miguel Mendez, combined with "Mar," the Spanish word for the sea. 4.5 - 5 The gorgeous blue tones of the sea, sometimes with aqua green and lines and accents in white.  Barahona & Dominican Republic. History Though…
Fluorite Origin Stones


Fluorite Protection, Mental Clarity, Mystical, Healing, Sobriety, Communication & Peacefulness. NameHardnessColorLocation Fluorite gets its name from the Latin word fluo, which means a flow of water. The verb form "to flow" is fluor or fluere.  Originally, fluorite was known as fluorspar, and industrial fluorite is still called fluorspar today. 4 Fluorite itself is said to…
Opal Origin Stones


Creativity, Spontaneity, Relationships, Love, Fidelity, Memory, Mental Clarity, Inspiration, Dreams and Changes.

Heliodor Origin Stones


Protection, Mental Clarity, Strength, Confidence, Optimism, Hope, Drive

Garnet Spessartine Origin Stones


Business success, Manifestation, Prosperity, Regeneration, Career, Vitality, Passion, Sexual Energy

Emerald Origin Stones


Love, Romance, Renewal, Spring, Hope, Healing, Domestic bliss, Sensitivity, Memory, Faith, Truthfulness, Emotional Balance, Wisdom, Intuition

Aquamarine - Origin Stones


Cleansing, Compassion, Healing, Soothing, Serenity, Reflection, Rebirth, and Safe Travels over Water

Amethyst Origin Stones


Sobriety, Weight Loss, Mystical, Protecting, Mental Clarity, Intuition, Calming, Detoxification

Angelite Origin Stones


Peacefulness, Mystical, Brotherhood, Forgiveness, Communication, Soothing, Psychic Ability, Serenity

Apatite Origin Stones


Weight Loss, Release, Communication, Dreams, Mental Clarity, Motivation, Healing, Vitality

Aventurine Origin Stones featured


Prosperity, Luck, Love, Creativity, Healing, EMF Defense, Emotional Health

Black Tourmaline Origin Stones

Black Tourmaline

Protection, EMF Defense, Emotional Health, Sobriety, Purifying, Grounding, Strengthening

Celestite Origin Stones Featured


Peacefulness, Creativity, Mystical, Dreams, Calm, Clarity, Harmony, Memory, Communication

Chrysanthemum Stone Featured

Chrysanthemum Stone

Luck, Prosperity, Fresh Starts, Opportunity, Inner Joy

Chrysocolla Featured


Peacefulness, Love, Creativity, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Communication, Feminine Empowerment, Peace Stone, Singers, Musicians, Performers

Chrysoprase Featured


Healing, Love, Prosperity, Calming, Soothing, Forgiveness, Cheerfulness, Good Fortune in Business

Citrine Origin Stones


Prosperity, Career, Sobriety, Business Success, Abundance, Courage, Optimism, Generosity, Confidence, Merchant’s Stone

Hematite Origin Stones


EMF Defense, Protection, Sobriety, Weight Loss, Grounding, Mental Clarity, Courage, Willpower, Strength

Hiddenite Origin Stones


Healing, Peacefulness, Protection, Emotional Soother, Forgiveness, EMF Defense, Renewal, Grounding

Kunzite Origin Stones


Love, Peacefulness, Sobriety, Emotional Health, Tranquility, Release, Balance

Lapis Lazuli Featured

Lapis Lazuli

Protection, Career, Manifestation, Truth, Mental Clarity, Higher Mind, Memory, Dignity, Good for Leaders

Lingam Origin Stones


Healing, Vitality, Power, Communication with Divine, Clarity, Focus, Potentiality, Grounding, New Beginnings

Malachite Featured


Protection, EMF Defense, Love, Emotional Health, Travel, Femininity, Dreams, Transformation, Overcoming Fear

Moonstone Origin Stones Featured


Weight Loss, Love, Mystical, Protection, Emotional Health, Intuition, Dreams, Feminine Health, Calming, Opens Heart

Peridot Origin Stones


Prosperity, Protection, Peacefulness, Love, Mental Clarity, Renewed Sense of Life, Self Worth

Prehnite Featured


Peacefulness, Emotional Soother, Cooling, EMF Defense

Pyrite Featured


Protection, EMF Defense, Prosperity, Luck, Mental Clarity, Grounding, Vitality, Business Success, Action, Optimism, Sun Energy, Masculine Issues, Strengthens the Mind

Quartz Origin Stones


Healing, Weight Loss, Protection, Manifestation, Dispels Negativity, Amplifies, EMF Defense, Purification, Master Healer

Rose Quartz Origin Stones

Rose Quartz

Love, Healing, Peacefulnes, Emotional Health, Heals Heart, Harmony, Calming, Compassion, Helpful During Transitions, Love Stone

Ruby Origin Stones


Love, Prosperity, Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Vitality, Manifestation, Stamina, Passion, Sex, Emotional Health, Focus, Power Stone

Scolecite Origin Stones


Love, Peacefulness, Mystical, Communication, Spiritual Transformation, Relaxing, Dreams, Calms Mind, Enhances Teamwork

Sodalite Origin Stones


Creativity, Communication, Truth, Mental Clarity, Harmony, Inspiration, Encourages Rational Thought, Good for Artists, Musicians, Writers

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Luck, EMF Defense, Sobriety, Grounding, Calming, Dreams, Find Lost Objects, Fairy Stone